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Friday, July 1, 2011

magnificent music, more magnificent beard.

seriously, look at that beard. 
        William Fitzsimmons is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. The only thing more impressive than his beard is his soothing acoustic music. His songs are very folk - influenced, and he has a very mellow voice.
        He has been busy writing tons of songs, releasing 5 albums in just six years. I'd recommend all of his albums, I haven't heard a song of his I haven't liked. "I Don't Feel It Anymore" is a beautiful song, (the link is to YouTube) that is very representative of his sound.  Fitzsimmons looks like a pretty young guy, so you can expect a lot more music from him in the future.

Monday, June 20, 2011

tricking out my desktop.

im going to use the Mac software Geektools, and customize my desktop. ill post pics in an hour or so, with the results.  if you have any experience of tips, leave a comment! wish me luck.

Friday, June 17, 2011

british indie math rock!

            This Town Needs Guns is a British indie band hailing from Oxford.  Their intricate guitar working creates a blissful atmosphere, backed by relaxing drum beats. When I say intricate, I mean it sounds like there are three dudes playing one guitar. It's beautiful, and the singing adds to that. "Animals" is their debut full length album, and it's incredible. Here's a YouTube video for "Crocodile", a very relaxed song, while tracks such as "Chinchilla" pick up the pace. Every tracked is named after an animal, so the album's title makes sense. You should definitely check these guys out, it's an great album, and you can expect more great music from these guys.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

on the lack of posts.

    Hey, guys, sorry for the lack of posts today, I'm a bit busy studying for finals. D: My last final is friday, so you can expect a whole lot more posts, hopefully showing you a lot more new music. Thanks for checking my blog, tell your friends / followers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

death grips.

         This album came out of nowhere, suddenly exploding onto the internet with no warning. Death Grips is a new hip-hop group from Sacramento. Everyone's first reaction is usually "wat." It's intense hip-hop, with a black dude yelling/rapping. The production on this album is incredible, these beats are some of the most unique out there. Ex-Military opens with a sample of a monologue by Charles Manson, an inspiring speech. The album really picks up when "Lord of the Game" comes on.
Everyone's face when you first
play "Guillotine".
       The beats are not the only things unique about Death Grips. Their use of post-apocalyptic imagery is very interesting, and some lines really stand out. "Fuck where you're from, fuck where you're going, it's all about where you're at."
       I think even after the novelty wears off, it's still an outstanding album. Definitely check it out. I think it's a mixtape and therefore free.

Monday, June 13, 2011

new bon iver.

      Bon Iver's first album, "For Emma, Forever Ago" was incredible, released in 2007. It was a deep, folk album written by the lead singer/songwriter Justin Vernon in a lonely cabin in Wisconsin. This guy went up to this cabin, and came back three months later with an entire album ready to be released. And what he came back with was beautiful. For a taste of what that was like, a YouTube video for you.
      Bon Iver has released, or is about to release a new album, I'm not sure if it's officially released yet. I heard the new album in its entirety from a streaming site. Really early leak. It's a self-titled album.
     After the first listen, I was pretty disappointed. At first glance, I don't think it can match "For Emma," but this album really grows on you. There are fewer songs that stand out on "Bon Iver", but I think the whole album fits together very well. "Holocene" and "Michicant" are amazing tracks.  Interestingly, all the songs are named after places.
     I think Justin could have done better, but i appreciate that he's going in new direction with his music, not letting it get stagnant with the same songs over and over.

getting a job.

        So it would seem that the revenue from Adsense doesn't cover my cost of living, and that I actually have to get a job. lolwut. I'm dropping off an application to the local Funplex today, and following up with an interview in a week or two. I have some friends that work there and love it.
           Also, I need to save up to buy a computer that can handle Skyrim. (for any new followers that don't know what that is, see the post below.) I plan on buying parts and assembling a computer, which lowers a lot of the cost, and grants me a detailed knowledge of my computer, which would help when it inevitably breaks from too much Skyrim. This way I don't have to go to Best Buy and have some sales associate try to say "hurr durr you want gamez? check out dis 9000$ Alienware, bro, it's like, made for games." No, thanks, ill just buy this nice graphics card for 300, if you please.