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Friday, June 17, 2011

british indie math rock!

            This Town Needs Guns is a British indie band hailing from Oxford.  Their intricate guitar working creates a blissful atmosphere, backed by relaxing drum beats. When I say intricate, I mean it sounds like there are three dudes playing one guitar. It's beautiful, and the singing adds to that. "Animals" is their debut full length album, and it's incredible. Here's a YouTube video for "Crocodile", a very relaxed song, while tracks such as "Chinchilla" pick up the pace. Every tracked is named after an animal, so the album's title makes sense. You should definitely check these guys out, it's an great album, and you can expect more great music from these guys.


  1. The British always have great music :)

  2. Heard these from some hipster faggot friend, pretty good band

  3. Three dudes playing one guitar xD Sounds interesting! I'm listening to them right now.