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Monday, June 13, 2011

new bon iver.

      Bon Iver's first album, "For Emma, Forever Ago" was incredible, released in 2007. It was a deep, folk album written by the lead singer/songwriter Justin Vernon in a lonely cabin in Wisconsin. This guy went up to this cabin, and came back three months later with an entire album ready to be released. And what he came back with was beautiful. For a taste of what that was like, a YouTube video for you.
      Bon Iver has released, or is about to release a new album, I'm not sure if it's officially released yet. I heard the new album in its entirety from a streaming site. Really early leak. It's a self-titled album.
     After the first listen, I was pretty disappointed. At first glance, I don't think it can match "For Emma," but this album really grows on you. There are fewer songs that stand out on "Bon Iver", but I think the whole album fits together very well. "Holocene" and "Michicant" are amazing tracks.  Interestingly, all the songs are named after places.
     I think Justin could have done better, but i appreciate that he's going in new direction with his music, not letting it get stagnant with the same songs over and over.


  1. I'm not that crazy about Bon Iver but I am 100% with you about The Antlers. Their new album is definitely worth it, too, though not as good as Hospice.

  2. yeah, i agree. They're a great band but Hospice was their masterpiece.