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Sunday, June 12, 2011

more anticipated than jesus's return.

         This is it. Bethesda's sequel to the massively successful (for good reason) Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.  Skyrim promises to be a massive role playing game with beautiful environments. Oblivion changed the face of role playing games with its fantastic.. err.. everything. There were a few bugs in the game, but they were clearly the best bugs of all time. 
        Bethesda is introducing dual-wielding into the Elder Scroll series, adding depth to the sword-fight experience, and doing away with the often awkward block movement in Oblivion. Fighting will be much more fluid and natural than previous games, with the help of a new game engine. Another incredibly cool feature is the introduction of dragons into the world. I'll let the video tell you the rest. All i can say is that I won't be leaving my basement for a week after this comes out. 


  1. I will be first in line for this game, one of the most anticipated games this year!

  2. oh god I'm so excited. I didn't get into oblivion until about a year ago, but when i did i was hooked.

  3. Hahaha i love the title. I can't wait for this game.