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Monday, June 13, 2011

getting a job.

        So it would seem that the revenue from Adsense doesn't cover my cost of living, and that I actually have to get a job. lolwut. I'm dropping off an application to the local Funplex today, and following up with an interview in a week or two. I have some friends that work there and love it.
           Also, I need to save up to buy a computer that can handle Skyrim. (for any new followers that don't know what that is, see the post below.) I plan on buying parts and assembling a computer, which lowers a lot of the cost, and grants me a detailed knowledge of my computer, which would help when it inevitably breaks from too much Skyrim. This way I don't have to go to Best Buy and have some sales associate try to say "hurr durr you want gamez? check out dis 9000$ Alienware, bro, it's like, made for games." No, thanks, ill just buy this nice graphics card for 300, if you please.

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